Hello world!

This blog is the beginning of a beautiful thing. After a long summer of hard work, sweat, and a little bit of tears, the Mr. & I will be moving into our first place together within the next month.

In the about us¬†section of the blog, you can learn a little more about who we are. Needless to say, this whole “starting a life together” thing is kind of a big deal. I am not a homemaker. I’m lucky if I make my bed most days. But, as it is, there are times of transition in life, and I know this next year of life together is going to be a huge one for us. We will fight, and laugh, and create a beautiful home together, and I’m excited to share it with all of you. Be prepared for burnt cookies and epic failures, but also for a few nuggets of deliciousness, creativity, and maybe a little bit of wisdom.


Glad to have you on board for our journey,