Caramel + Caramel Apple Shots.

To get into the spirit of fall, boy and I were craving some caramel…

Here’s what we did.

1. Caramel Apple Jello Shots

I got the idea from this blog: Where Michelle makes some pretty delicious and elaborate jello shot creations. Unfortunately, I like the time and patience to add all of those ingredients together. So I used this recipe for the jello, but swapped the sour apple schnapps for extra butter scotch, and also poured in a packed of apple cider mixture. Worked like a delicious charm.

I did make some mistakes though.

I don’t own a melon baller, so I used a teaspoon. in a couple of spots I cut it too thin and the jello leaked out into the pan, which is why some of my apples only ended up half-full.

regardless, they were tasty and made us happy.

2. Microwave Caramel

photo credit to brabyt

I made these from this recipe. As easy as it sounds, and totally delicious. Add some salt and you’ll be in heaven.

More posts soon!