Wonderful Wednesday: Vaughn Goes to Indianapolis

It is my first post on the blog this week, and I am sharing some photos from a recent business trip to Indianapolis. I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos of the city. Expect many more photos of my upcoming travels!

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Menu Monday: Melon Caprese

One of my favorite simple salads is a basic caprese salad. This twist on the classic is a unique and light summer flavor that is truly delicious! It was a fun experiment for me that turned out so well I had it two nights in a row. Yum! Obviously this is a larger serving meant to be an appetizer or salad to share with a group.


  • 1/4 cantaloupe
  • 1/2 brick of mozzarella cheese
  • Basil Leaves
  • White Balsamic Vinegar
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt2014-07-24 17.47.45


  1. Thinly slice the mozzarella cheese and lay out on serving tray.2014-07-24 17.50.27
  2. In between each slice of mozzarella lay one basil leaf2014-07-24 17.51.11
  3. Thinly slice cantaloupe and place behind each basil leaf.2014-07-24 17.54.18
  4. drizzle with vinegar and sprinkle salt over.
  5. Enjoy!2014-07-24 17.55.33

Disneyland Attraction Tips: Main Street and Adventureland

Main Street and Adventureland have few attractions, but what they do have are high quality and entertaining. These tend to be some of the more popular attractions in the park, but are also fun for the whole family. Main Street USA

In the Ice Cream Shop on Main Street

In the Ice Cream Shop on Main Street


  1. Disneyland Railroad-The Disneyland Railroad is a ride people often miss, but it is a lot of fun, and also is a great mode of transportation. With stops at New Orleans Square, Toon Town, Tomorrowland, and a side trip to the Grand Canyon and Prehistoric Times. I ride this first every time I go to the park.
  2. Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln– Not a ride, but a truly great little show, that you don’t want to miss. Mr. Lincoln was one of the first animatronics built by the Walt Disney Company and the show is really splendid. Also, it’s a really nice air conditioned show, and there are some great Disney artifacts in the lobby.
  3. Main Street Vehicles– On any given day there are a variety of vehicles that can take you from one end of main street to the other. There is a horse drawn trolley, a double decker bus, and an old firetruck. All are a fun way to get you down to the castle.Main Street


  1. Enchanted Tiki Room– The Tiki Room is a lovely show that incorporates tikis, singing birds, and other fun critters in a magical revue! It’s a beautiful and elaborate attraction. Also, one of the only attractions that allows food. So, buy a Dole Whip and enjoy the show2014-07-10 15.36.21.
  2. Indiana Jones Adventure-This thrill ride is wicked fun. Another that I got to ride on opening day and meet Indy in costume (swoon, the fac he isn’t always in the park is a damn shame.) It’s a beautiful and well thought out attraction, but can definitely be frightening for young kids. The ride vehicle is super comfortable, the special effects are unbelievable.  I highly recommend iti
  3. Jungle Cruise-This ride is hilarious, and again, super great for all ages. Kids tend to be really entertained by the animatronic critters and their antics, adults will enjoy the dry puns of the skipper. The boat is a great ride vehicle too, not a bad seat in the house.junglecruise
  4. Tarzan’s Treehouse-A great walk through treehouse showing the Tarzan story. This is a cute attraction with simple touches that is often skipped, but is worth seeing for this view of the Rivers of America.
    This was Christmas weekend. Don't ever do it.

    This was Christmas weekend. Don’t ever do it.

    For more attraction info view my posts on Attraction Basics for Disneyland Beginners; Tomorrowland; Adventureland & Main Street USA; ToonTown; New Orleans Square,  Frontierland, & Critter Country; and Fantasyland. For other Disneyland posts press the “Disney” Category in the sidebar.  (Adding a new area each week!)

Wonderful Wednesday: A Little Bit Of Lovely

Last week, I posted my 100th post on this little blog! How exciting! I write this blog to share with all you wonderful people on the internet. Here is a great visual of my readers from all over the world. Here’s to another 100 posts!


BlogViewsIf you are reading from somewhere throughout the US, please post in the comments below! I’m hoping to do more internationally relevant posts soon! 🙂

Menu Monday: Peach Mint Julep

Mint Juleps are my favorite cocktails, and I prefer them over all other booze. Especially when it’s hot and terrible outside, a cool minty drink changes my life and also bourbon is deeelicious. This twist on the classic cocktail is pretty darn easy and needs to go in your mouth right now.


  • Bourbon
  • Simple Syrup (my friend Alex made fancy mint simple syrup which is delicious but not necessary)
  • Mint Leaves
  • Peach
  • Sparkling Water (optional, some people prefer this drink a little watered down as it is very strong)2014-07-19 20.34.30


  1. Slice your peach and muddle one slice in the bottom of your cool cocktail shaker.2014-07-19 20.38.50 2014-07-19 20.39.53
  2. Add 5-6 Mint leaves and muddle together with peaches.2014-07-19 20.40.40
  3. Add ice.
  4. Add 1 shot bourbon and 1 shot simple syrup (if you want to add sparkling water you can sub that in for 1/2 of the simple syrup). To cocktail shakers.2014-07-19 20.41.50
  5. Shake until your hands hurt.
  6. Strain into a cool julep glass or a tumbler.
  7. Garnish with peach and mint and enjoy.2014-07-19 20.43.55

Disneyland Attraction Tips: TomorrowLand

Tomorrowland is under some serious discussion lately, with fans of the park hoping for a remodel and an upgrade. Regardless, there are some classic and famous attractions here that cannot be missed. Here’s the sitch.

  1. Astro Orbiter– This is the same ride as the Dumbo ride, but with space ships, which is pretty cool, but means that I often have to make a choice between one or the other because of lines. Essentially you ride in a space ship which flies around a pole, but you get to control how high off the ground you are with a lever in the ship. It’s wicked fun.2014-07-10 15.36.55
  2. Autopia– This is a pretty fantastic ride for adults, but is super special for kids, who get to DRIVE A CAR. GUYS!  The cars are essentially little go carts that run on a track so you can’t crash, but you can bump the driver in front of you……(frowned apon but funny if it’s your brother). They have some cool views of Tomorrowland and silly little road signs. If you’re an adult without kids, however, I wouldn’t wait in line for more than 30 minutes for this attraction.2014-07-10 15.37.03
  3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters-This ride almost never has a line, which BLOWS MY MIND BECAUSE IT’S INCREDIBLE. Seriously? It’s a super fun Buzz Lightyear themed dark ride, but it is also LAZER TAG ON A RIDE AND IT’S AWESOME. The ride tracks your score and at the end allows you to email the ride photo to yourself. Glorious, glorious ride. I always kick butt too.

    Please note our scores. Incredible.

    Please note our scores. Incredible.

  4. Captain EO– While this was brought back to replace the apparently unpopular (for reasons I cannot understand) Honey I Shrunk the Audience, I loved that show and I will not go watch this one. Sorry. I hate Michael Jackson. Can’t do it.
  5. Disneyland Monorail-The Disneyland Monorail was the first daily operating monorail in the western hemisphere. It travels from Tomorrowland Station to Downtown Disney, and you don’t have to get off, so you can ride round trip. I like to ride this on an evening I’m already going into Downtown Disney for dinner as you can get off and come back into the park later on the Monorail. If you ask nicely you may get to ride up front with the conductor!
  6. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage- This attraction is pretty darn great, though I did like it more before, when it was the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You board the actual submarines (which Walt showed to Khrushchev as it was one of the largest submarine fleets in the world) and travel through a part CGI, part real submarine voyage with the characters from Nemo. It’s fun, but not for folks who are claustrophobic.
  7. Innoventions-This is a constantly changing attraction, but is worth checking out. It often has interesting science exhibits or new kinds of technology, but unfortunately isn’t updated often enough to be as cool as it ought to be.  Right now it is the home to a super cool Marvel set up that is not to be missed.
  8. Space Mountainspace mountainSpace Mountain is one of the most popular rides at the park, and for good reason. It’s a roller coaster, that is super fun. It is entirely indoors, in the dark, lit only by starlight and constellation. The theming on this ride is very 1980’s, but it is a great coaster that I love riding. It also has killer music. The ride vehicles do make it tricky to ride with a large group, and I would definitely get a fast pass for this attraction.2014-07-10 07.09.092014-07-10 07.06.25
  9. Star Tours-This attraction was re-imagined a few years ago, to great affect. The premise is simple, you are going on vacation to a random location throughout the Star Wars Universe (seriously, there are a ton of different options, and each trip is unique.) You board your transport vehicle, piloted by C3P0, and one member of your group is named by princess Leia as a rebel who must be delivered to saftey. However, when a storm trooper spots the rebel in your vehicle, you are stuck on a chase accross the galaxy. This ride is beautiful to watch with some 3D effects, and you will have a hard time believing that you haven’t moved anywhere when you get off the ride. Overall, a great attraction. and the line is amazing too!IMG_0973

For more attraction info view my posts on Attraction Basics for Disneyland Beginners; Tomorrowland; Adventureland & Main Street USA; ToonTown; New Orleans Square,  Frontierland, & Critter Country; and Fantasyland. For other Disneyland posts press the “Disney” Category in the sidebar.  (Adding a new area each week!)