Wonderful Wednesday: Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is the best! I am looking forward to revealing my very Marvel Halloween costume. One of my favorite parts of Halloween are all of the “spooky scary” excuses to get a little tipsy. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween cocktails from across the interwebs.

  1.  Mr. Hyde’s Potion from Today’s Nest– This sweet Vodka drink is delightful, but still sets the mood for a fierce and frightening Halloween imbibement.


    copyright Today’s Nest

  2. Morgue-A-Rita also from Today’s Nest- a twist on the classic cocktail, this is another fun haunted drink that’s good on the pallate.


    copyright Today’s Nest

  3. Dark and Stormy Death Punch by Food & Wine– this rum punch is made much more spooky by garnishing with a cherry stuffed lychee eyball.

    copyright Food and Wine

    copyright Food and Wine

  4.  Black Lagoon by Martha Stewart – This Vodka cocktail has the spirit of Halloween, and the rosemary lavendar syrup makes for a unique and antique flavor. I love this drink!

    property of Martha Stewart

  5. Bleeding Heart Martini by Martha Stewart-this gin martini is the perfect drink, made even more spooky by the pickled beet garnish reminding me of Snow White’s evil, heart stealing nemesis.

    property of Martha Stewart

    Hope this sparks your interest in tasty Halloween drinks! Have a fun holiday and drink responsibly!


Why I Am A Democrat: Respect for Women

One thing that really grinds my gears is when people treat women with disrespect and imply we cannot make our own choices. Democrats respect women and our ability to think cognitively and make our own decisions.

Buzzfeed put out this wonderful photo set of women explaining why they need birth control. I love it so much! Click the photo for the full set.


Radio Silence

Sorry things have been so quiet the last couple of weeks! I am in full thesis mode as I prepare to graduate from college in less than a month! Fancy! I have some great content coming up in the next few weeks, but posts will be less frequent as I transition through this busy stage! Love you!

Convoy to Combat Suicide

I had another Disneyworld Post planned for today, but a conversation I had today reminded me of how much more we can do to serve our Veterans–which is so much more important than anything I could have to say about travel.


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have started a campaign called the Convoy to Combat Suicide.

From their website

“Twenty-two veterans are lost to suicide in America every day. That is twenty-two too many.

The Convoy to Combat Suicide aims to lower that number. This national tour (we’re visiting over 30 cities) will take our powerful message far and wide, promote awareness and inspire action. And we’re getting a lot of help along the way – as we’re joining forces with such huge partners as the Linkin Park, Born This Way Foundation (founded by Lady Gaga), the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Miller High Life, Cale Conley, local community leaders, and most importantly, with IAVA members and supporters across the country.

The Convoy is a major component of IAVA’s Campaign to Combat Suicide, which we launched in March 2014. Explore the website to see how you can get involved, sign the petition to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act and join us on the road to raise awareness of veterans suicide.”

Please support their efforts to support our veterans who are struggling .

If you are a Veteran who is personally struggling with suicidal thoughts, please consider calling 877-838-2838 (VET2VET), a Veterans Crisis Hotline.