about us

The Ms.

Candy is a 26 year old gal hailing from Salem, Oregon. Part time adventurer, part-time early childhood educator, full-time feminist, Candy spent her formative years avoiding anything that she felt would make her domesticated. Candy currently works as a medical office specialist for a local company. She is a creative cook, a horrible artist, but an excellent girlfriend to her wonderful boyfriend and partner…

The Mr.

Vaughn is a 27 year old man from Portland, Oregon. A liberal, progressive, and slightly nerdy guy, Vaughn is an adventurous soul, OSU Alumni, and is currently working for the national office of his Fraternity. An X-box aficionado, wilderness lover, feminist, and all-around wonderful, and caring man. Vaughn is a master of domestic tasks (especially dishes), and the antithesis to Candy’s anti-housekeeping ways.


Vaughn and Candy have been together for a little over 4 years, and moved in together in September 2011. They started out in a 600 sqft apartment, but upgraded to a grown-up sized duplex.  They have a beautiful German Wirehaired Pointer named Marlow who is a gem.This blog is intended for Candy (and maybe occasionally Vaughn) to document their journey together from the very start. A young, happy, crazy couple learning to manage life together. You will see epic successes, and probably catastrophic failures. Mostly, you’ll see us. We’re kind of a big deal.



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