Wonderful Wednesday: A Little Bit of Lovely

One year ago today, we were settling in with our sweet Marlow girl---with two feet of fresh snow!

One year ago today, we were settling in with our sweet Marlow girl—with two feet of fresh snow!


Favorite Dog Accessories for an Active Dog

As most of you know, in January Vaughn and I adopted a beautiful sweet German Wirehaired Pointer named Marlow, and she is the love of our lives.

She is also afraid of fireworks....

She is also afraid of fireworks….

We are fortunate because Marlow came from a very loving home, was well trained, and is quite the little love-butt. She is also VERY active and needs a lot of exercise to not drive us insane.

Here are some items that have saved us over these last 9 months and have helped us be better dog parents to our sweet girl.

  1. Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl. This great little travel bowl is the perfect thing for hikes and car rides. It collapses into itself and can easily be stowed in a daypack or a side door on the car. Durable and holds plenty of water for a thirsty pup. The pliable bowl also allows you to pour water back into a water bottle for your dog to drink later.819ogAtWSzL._SL1500_
  2. Collapsible Water Bottles. When hiking with a dog, you have to carry extra water, but you don’t want to have huge clunky water bottles all over your pack. These small collapsible water bottles are a life saver, and enable you to even out your pack by distributing water weight better.81fwQh9OnaL._SL1500_
  3. Petco Easy Step-In Harness for Dogs Our Marlow is a harness dog. Because she needs to be on leash, we love this harness because it is more comfortable and loose on her for running and playing in off-leash areas, but still is secure and keeps her safe when she needs to be on-leash. For example, when we are around cats.

    Marlow after a nice run in the ocean...

    Marlow after a nice run in the ocean…

  4. Zoink! Fetch n’ Fling Ball Thrower Marlow is, in fact, an addict. And as much as I love her, I have no desire to touch her slobbery gross tennis balls. This thrower is great because it allows me to throw the balls really far, but not ever touch them. Also, the fact that it folds up makes it easy to throw in a bag for our walk to the park so my girl can’t see the ball and be a spaz for the entire 15 minute walk around the neighborhood.zoink
  5. Nite Ize Spotlit LED Carabiner Light If you have a dark colored dog and you like to be out and about in the dusk in the evening, this is a great little tool. This enables me to easily spot Marlow running accross the field or digging in something she shouldn’t be. It’s cheap and easy to turn on and off.aeccc91b-224d-4848-8914-b90d6baba5f1

Welcome Marlow!


We have some exciting news over here! The beautiful Ms. Marlow has joined our family. She is a 5 1/2 year old German Wirehaired Pointer with lots of snuggles to give. We are so happy to have her in our home and she is fitting in nicely to our little family, thoroughly enjoying being spoiled by her papa and her grandmas 🙂