Wonderful Wednesday: A Little Bit of Lovely

One year ago today, we were settling in with our sweet Marlow girl---with two feet of fresh snow!

One year ago today, we were settling in with our sweet Marlow girl—with two feet of fresh snow!


New Years Resolutions

As we enter a new year, it is time to set goals for the year going forward. I am so excited for the opportunities that 2015 will bring, and all of the great new experiences we have ahead of us. I’m going to set some concrete goals for myself and I plan on checking in here every couple of months to hold myself accountable.

  1. Lose 20 pounds. I’ve been on a mission to get in better shape this year, and while I was doing very well for a few months in 2014, I got off track and gained the weight back. I want to be healthier and do better for myself.
  2. Hike at least 200 miles. A few years ago I hiked over 500 miles in one year. This year I hiked less than 100 and that makes me sad. I want to make a commitment to my well-being and my health, as well as my dog, to get outdoors more this year. While my current job is not one where I am outdoors, I can still spend time outside in my free time.
  3. Save more money. This year we got a little frivolous, did a lot of traveling, and ate out a whole lot. While it was fun and exciting and I appreciate the experiences I had, I want to dedicate 2015 to doing a better job to save and prepare for my future and my family.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and reaching my goals. Happy New Year everyone!

Convoy to Combat Suicide

I had another Disneyworld Post planned for today, but a conversation I had today reminded me of how much more we can do to serve our Veterans–which is so much more important than anything I could have to say about travel.


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have started a campaign called the Convoy to Combat Suicide.

From their website

“Twenty-two veterans are lost to suicide in America every day. That is twenty-two too many.

The Convoy to Combat Suicide aims to lower that number. This national tour (we’re visiting over 30 cities) will take our powerful message far and wide, promote awareness and inspire action. And we’re getting a lot of help along the way – as we’re joining forces with such huge partners as the Linkin Park, Born This Way Foundation (founded by Lady Gaga), the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Miller High Life, Cale Conley, local community leaders, and most importantly, with IAVA members and supporters across the country.

The Convoy is a major component of IAVA’s Campaign to Combat Suicide, which we launched in March 2014. Explore the website to see how you can get involved, sign the petition to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act and join us on the road to raise awareness of veterans suicide.”

Please support their efforts to support our veterans who are struggling .

If you are a Veteran who is personally struggling with suicidal thoughts, please consider calling 877-838-2838 (VET2VET), a Veterans Crisis Hotline.


This summer as been one of the hardest times in my life, for a variety of reasons. But this week I have been reminded of the many blessings that my family has enjoyed this summer, and I just wanted to share a few of them with you all.

This summer was kicked off with the wedding of my cousin Garret to his wife Elizabeth, and the commissioning of Vaughn’s brother Cooper as a 2nd Lt. in the US Air Force.

Cooper Owen Emmons, Second Lieutenant, United States Air Force

Cooper Owen Emmons, Second Lieutenant, United States Air Force

Mr. and Mrs. Garret Lane Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Garret Lane Phillips

A few weeks later, our family gained another member when my Aunt Elizabeth married her sweetheart Tiger. While I couldn’t attend their wedding in Alaska, I am so glad they found eachother.10557381_1503839306512713_555268632491252921_n

Then lil’ Cooper graduated from Portland State University in June.


And then I celebrated the wedding of my dear college friends Casey and Stacey Graham,DSC_0278

and the wedding of our close friends Steve and Camille Northrop.2014-08-05_1407202349

Vaughn and I celebrated our four year anniversary with a delicious dinner.2014-08-21_1408590820

We found out this summer that my cousins Sam and Derek, Garret and Lizzie, and Kora  are all expecting sweet beautiful babies.10484514_813401525178_2888669374374279421_n 10665127_198692963637834_6191919903684101347_n

And just this week my cousin Adam started his college career at Easten Oregon University.1234017_10203979379797470_862101597964782279_n

It is easy to focus on the negative things and get bogged down in the bad, but look at all the good things that have happened in my family this summer! I am so very grateful and lucky to be surrounded by this loving community.

Four Amazing Years!

Today Vaughn and I are celebrating four wonderful years together. While he is traveling for work and we don’t get to go out on a fancy date,  I am so thrilled that I have been able to share the last four years of my life with this perfect man, building a home and a family together. Here’s to many more!

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