15+ Apps for College Students

Staying organized and on top of things when you’re a student can be challenging. While I was lucky to spend two years as a traditional student, I’ve been working full time for the majority of my college career, so these apps have been total lifesavers for me. All are cheap or free, and easy to use.

    1. Mint. Mint is an app that I use daily. This app helped me learn how to budget and spend responsibly, and answer that question of “where is all my money going?” it’s simple, free, and you can access from your desktop too, which is very useful.
    2. Any.do. In a world full of to do list apps, this app seems the most functional, with options to
    3. Venmo. This app has one simple purpose, swapping cash and splitting bills. whether it’s a utility bill with your roommate or the check at the bar, this app allows for instant money swapping so you don’t have to wait for 3 weeks for your buddy to go to the bank.
    4. Dropbox. Dropbox is the most brilliant invention of all time. Similar to Google drive, this allows you to drop files into a folder on your desktop and access them anywhere via app or online. I use this app regularly. It’s great for group homework projects, and makes the use of a flash drive essentially non-existent.
    5. Everest. Everest is a different kind of social media and journal app. It helps you to track your progress and journey on different goals and adventures.
    6. Kindle App. Okay, there is officially no reason to own a kindle. This app allows you to access all kindle files, so you can purchase books (including TEXTBOOKS) online and access them from your ipad. It’s freaking brilliant and has saved me a ton of money by purchasing ebooks instead of textbooks.
    7. Drunk Text Savior. As it sounds, this one monitors your texts while you’re intoxicated to keep you from making horrible mistakes. This would have saved me a lot of drama when I was a college freshman.
    8. iScanPDF. This is a pretty basic app, but allows you to convert images taken on your phone into PDF. It allows for quick and easy storage and sharing. Very useful for sharing notes with peers who use different software.
    9. Evernote. One app to compile all your notes and to-do lists for every tasks. Irreplaceable resource that combines a variety of functions for ultimate productivity.
    10. Blackboard. Blackboard has the monopoly on college online tracking. The Blackboard app is an easy way to keep track of your assignments, grades, and professor communications on the go–especially as so many colleges still don’t have functional mobile sites of their own.
    11. Rocket Alarm. Sleeping in is my favorite thing. This app makes it damn near impossible to hit the snooze button by making you play a game or complete a challenge to turn the alarm clock off. Brilliant.
    12. The Oxford Dictionary. This is a no brainer. Know your vocab, expand your vocabulary.
    13. StudiousAnother great planner app to help keep all your upcoming assignments in order.
    14. Pocket. Save articles and texts in one place, great for doing research on the go and making sure you keep track of all your sources to save you time on your bibliography.
    15. StudyBlueEnter your university and class, then make and share study cards with your peers.

16. Circle of 6 This app is like a “favorites” list of your most trusted peers and friends. It enables you to quickly and easily contact friends when you are in an unsafe situation, for a ride, a call, or advice.  There are also quick links to contact RAINN (a Rape an Sexual Abuse Hotline) and a Relationship Abuse Hotline.  Very valuable when you are far from home.
17. Mixology Just a simple app with a variety of fun cocktail recipes. Helps you learn more drinks than that standard vodka-cran.