Strawberry Pot Planting

One of my favorite childhood memories was picking strawberries out of my Aunt Pat and Uncle Rex’s planter on their front porch.

While we’re in a rental, I still wanted to get some of my own greenery, so when V’s mom gave me a strawberry pot, I knew it was destiny!

Here’s how we do:


2014-04-10 17.53.41

  • Strawberry Pot
  • 1/2 strawberry plant for each hole on your pot (this late in the season you don’t have time to plant seeds šŸ˜¦ )
  • Potting Soil
  • Ā A plastic bottle (with a lid)
  • Ā Push Pins
  • Ā Gardening equipment of your liking


  1. Clean all the gross spiders out of your strawberry pot because spiders are gross and you don’t want to touch them.2014-04-10 17.53.36 HDR
  2. Take your plastic bottle and punch holes through it. This will be your watering element to make sure your plant gets watered all the way through.2014-04-10 18.04.43 HDR
  3. Put a layer of soil at the bottom of your pot.2014-04-10 17.55.12
  4. Place your plastic bottle in the middle.2014-04-10 18.05.00
  5. As you get to each hole, place your plant in, and cover the roots with your soil. As you go, make sure you are bedding each plant nicely in the soil.
  6. when you get to the top, leave your plastic bottle sticking out a tiny bi2014-04-10 17.58.33t. Once your top plant grows in, it will cover it up, but you want to be able to fill your bottle with water so water seeps all the way to the bottom of your planter.2014-04-10 18.13.09
  7. Voila!2014-04-10 18.16.43

I’m very excited to have my strawberry plant (plus the rosemary in the top of my planter) in the garden this spring, it’s going to be a very yummy summer!



Decorating Easter Eggs

One of my favorite childhood memories was decorating Easter eggs. I remember sitting with my little brother as we decorated a dozen eggs each, very competitively. We got very into it, and were even more excited to track our eggs down on Easter morning! While the Easter bunny probably won’t be stopping by our house this year, i still had to decorate eggs. In a world where egg decorating kits rule the market, I still love doing my eggs the old fashioned way: a little vinegar and food coloring goes a long way!


  • Plastic cups you don’t mind getting stained
  • Vinegar
  • Eggs (I do a dozen) (keep your egg crate)
  • Food coloring (I use a standard 4-color dye box, but the neon ones on the market now are so fun!)
  • a slotted spoon or egg spoon (I just use my hands but my fingers are green today…so….)
  • White crayons are fun but aren’t necessary


  1. before you are going to color your eggs, you will want to hard boil them. To get the perfect hard boiled eggs every time, I follow these instructions: How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled EggsĀ 
  2. Once your eggs have cooled, you are ready to color!

    2014-04-17 17.03.23

    cups in a row…

  3. In each of your color cups, mix together 1/2 cup boiling water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 20 drops of food coloring. For different color combinations, view my color chart at the bottom.
  4. Slowly drop each egg into your color cup. Allow to sit in the coloring for at least 5 minutes or until it reaches your desired color. The longer you leave it in the stronger the color will be on the egg.2014-04-17 17.17.58
  5. Once each egg is colored, lay it across the egg carton to dry.

2014-04-17 17.30.19

For some fun eggs:

  1. Write words or draw designs on your egg with a white crayon before you color it. The dye won’t stick to the crayon, leaving spaces where you wrote forĀ  the white to shine through!
  2. For “ombre” eggs, hold the egg progressively deeper inĀ  the mixture for at LEAST 1 minute at a time. This will allow each part of the egg to get darker as you go along. ( Was pretty unsuccessful with my Ombre Eggs this year…)
  3. For multi-colored eggs, try using two different colors on each end of the egg, or using complementary colors when dyeing (for example, red and blue to make a purple egg). Be sure to let your egg dry completely between colors!2014-04-17 17.20.11

Have fun decorating your eggs, and have a very Happy Easter!






The search continues….

We have been searching for months for a great apartment that’s centrally located for our commutes. We’ve toured a few places, but everyplace we’ve seen has been really unimpressive.

So today we went down and continued our search. We saw a few properties that were great, but they had applications pending already. BUT THEN we found “THE APARTMENT”. It’s a gorgeous apartment with a huge kitchen, vaulted ceilings, and hardwood floors in a historical building right in the heart of downtown. We put in an application immediately, and we’ll find out on Tuesday if we got approved. Here’s hoping! Then the homemaking can begin.